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Saturday, 09 February 2013 16:13

Our ingredients

cry-temp2So far over 99% customers loved our signature curry and gave so many great comments, which has been making us happy too! We, however, had two comments that both question the absence of any vegetable in the curry. Our signature curry actually contains a huge amount of ALL ORGANIC vegetables and it is cooked for long hours. So you can't really see the original shapes of vegetables in the curry, but it is actually full of organic vegetables.

The ingredients of our food and drinks are ALL ORGANIC except for a few kinds of spices, bread and vegan meats, which are still all natural and healthy, and the costs of these organic products are, in fact, twice more expensive.
We do not charge twice or even 1.5 times more than other restaurants but still try to keep our prices almost minimum in terms of this natural organic vegan concept.
We do not want to make the potions larger by using chemically grown vegetables or adding more water/sugar/salt/oils/any food additives, which can easily make the prices cheaper.

We truly love to care about customers' health and happiness. We closely calculate and put all the great ingredients and nutrients in the meals which turn your body healthy and happy in real earnest.

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