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Akira and Ana will be back in Japan for their visa renewal for 2 weeks and a half, and therefore, we will temporarily be closed as follows:

November 5th - 23rd: Closed Friday 
November 24th: Re-open at 5:30pm

Thank you for your kind understanding.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Food Policy & Ingredients


For customers' health & happiness, we use ALL ORGANIC vegetables, fruits, rice, beans, nuts, seeds and seasonings. 
You will enjoy our scrumptious food made with love without any concern about fat, sugar, salt and oil.
We care about you in real earnest.

less-fatVery little fat
We use only plant-based wholesome real food that is low in fat.

less-sugarNo refined white sugar
We use only organic dark brown sugar, organic agave and organic grade A maple syrup.

lass-saltNo table salt
We use only real sea salt.

less-oilNo deep frying
We use only a touch of organic olive oil for pan-fried items.

Our Water
FUJI Water

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